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We are dead.
Buried by the dead who are left to bury us.
We knew you and laughed with you.
But you aren't here any more.
You are somewhere else and we are dead.
If you had been here.  
But you stayed where you are and left the dead to bury us.

There is no hope.
No life.
No more laughter with you.

No change unless you come.
No change unless you weep.
No change unless you call.

Only if you call.
Only if you are our shepherd.
Only if you call us by name.
Only if we hear your voice.
Only if you know us as your own.
Only if we know you.

And that goes back to you again.
If you make yourself known to us.
And to those who might unbind us.
If you command it.

20 May 2011, Chaffey's Locks, ON
© Paul J Hamilton

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