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The Cross of San Damiano

I look to the Cross, I gaze upon its figure,
I wait, I listen, I hope.

Will you speak, will you move, will I be moved.

Will you once again touch the heart of one who seeks.
Of one who questions, of one who seems so lost.

Will you embrace the soul, as you did that of Francis.
Will you take it to Yourself.

Will you give it peace, give it comfort, give it love.

This soul waits, listens, prays for such grace.
This soul seeks the Love from the Lover.

It wavers. It stumbles. It falls.

Your gaze looks down, embraces all.
Takes all, Loves All. Your Grace heals, accepts.

Again you respond, Again you Love.
Again you speak to a searching and troubled heart.
I turn. I continue the journey. I continue in Hope.
I too have heard you Speak.

                                                         - Patrick McNamara, OFM,Cap.